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Thread: Can I get a public defender for my DUI?

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    Can I get a public defender for my DUI?

    I have a first offense dui charge in the state of illinois in the city of crete. my question is if i do not have a lwayer will the court appoint me a public defender?

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    You have three options when it comes to DUI defense: representing yourself, using a public defender, or hiring an experienced DUI attorney.

    Representing Yourself

    Unless you’re an experienced DUI lawyer, there are rare if any moments where you should represent yourself in a DUI case. Why? You won’t know the first thing to do. You won’t understand how to present your case, how to call witnesses, what your legal options are, if you should accept plea bargains, not to mention how to construct your defense. If you are a DUI lawyer, you can effectively handle your case. If you aren’t, you need to hire a DUI lawyer.

    Public Defender

    Public defenders, while a better option than representing yourself, are also secondary to hiring an experienced DUI lawyer. This is because they simply do not have the time to handle your case effectively. It’s also because once you get one, you have no other options. You can’t just fire your public defender and get a new one.

    Public defenders may not have the time to handle your case, may not have the resources to help you win, and are not chosen by you (instead chosen at random). In some cases, you may make too much money to hire a public defender anyways.

    But if you cannot afford a private DUI attorney, the court should appoint a public defender to help you.

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