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Thread: How much does a DUI lawyer charge?

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    How much does a DUI lawyer charge?

    ik you help me with my case how much will you charge

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    Unfortunately, the answer to this question is – it varies. Costs can vary significantly based on the location of the lawyer, their experience and their reputation. If you are arrested in a small community and you case is simple, the fee could be as little as $750. Other DUI lawyers could charge as much as $10,000. Others, however, will charge a flat hourly rate that could range from $100 - $300 or more per hour.

    What other factors are considered in pricing for your DUI case:

    • Was your drunk driving charge a felony or misdemeanor?
    • Do you have other prior drunk driving convictions?
    • Are you pleading your case or is your drunk driving case going to trial?
    • How much other evidence will need to be gathered including witnesses, independent blood analysis, and subpoenas?

    Before agreeing to hire a DUI lawyer make sure you have a written agreement and you fully understand the costs.

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