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Thread: How do I get my license back?

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    How do I get my license back?

    I recieved a dwi charge in oct 13, 2010 and have lost my driving privlages for a year but do to getting cought driving twice during my year revocation i lost my privlages till march 13, 2013 ... now that i reappliedon march 13 2013 theynow say i am still not elligable . i need my licence to go to work and college. i have been sober for 2 and a half years now and need my privileged to drive back. I have changed things andturned my life around but with out my licence i will have to stop school and quit my job i live to far away and finding rides is hard. i feel what i haddone in my past is wrong and have changed my life around but am still getting punished forit all. please i need to know what my next step is they are saying i can reapply in 2016 this is not right even my probation officer okay-ed my request to apply.

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    You can definitely talk to a DUI lawyer but most license issues have to be worked out directly with the DMV in your state. They generally have a list of requirements that must be met to get your license reinstated. Some states will also allow you to request a hardship license but you did not mention where you were arrested.

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