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Thread: 5th DUI

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    5th DUI

    I haven't had a conviction in 15 years but this is my 5th DUI in NC plus DWLR. I have no other charges in the last 7 years but one traffic ticket. I was due to get my license back this November. I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and was prescribed painkillers and a muscle relaxant whose influence I was under at the time of arrest. I'd taken both before but not at the same time. I was feeling fine and then I quickly became confused and disoriented. I've been a non-drinker for several years now but for some stupid reason I drank that night while visiting my cousin in Raleigh. I was fine and then I was driving to McDonalds and was pulled over at a stop sign. I was scared and angry at myself for not being able to think clearly. I refused sobriety test and chemical test and was taken to jail. Will the lookback period help? If I volunteered for treatment prior to my court date, would I be able to obtain a work release? Am I considered habitual?

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    There are a lot of issues's time to talk to a DUI lawyer who is familiar with North Carolina DUI laws.

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