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Thread: Legal Limits for hydrocodone?

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    Legal Limits for hydrocodone?

    Are their legal limits in toxicology reports for measuring levels of hydrocodone that was prescribed to me by the Army to determine if i was driving over a set limit to determine being physically enable to drive? I am a veteran who is currently in the army national guard and was on my way home from my doctors appointment for a injury that happened in afghanistan in 2011.

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    The fact that you have a valid prescription will not necessarily serve as a defense to a DUI Vicodin (hydrocodone) charge. Vicodin, like many prescription drugs, comes with a warning that cautions you before driving a car. It also warns you about the dangers of mixing the drug with other drugs and/or alcohol.

    Unlike DUI Drug cases that involve illicit drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine, the amount of the Vicodin found in your system often can aid in your DUI Hydrocodone defense. According to SHouse Law Group, “Therapeutic or typically prescribed levels of Vicodin may be insufficient to cause mental and physical impairment...making it much easier for your “driving under the influence of Vicodin” defense attorney to secure a dismissal or reduced charge."

    So, although there are not what you are terming "legal limits" for hydrocodone use, if you only had a little bit in your system and the state cannot prove you were mentally or physically impaired, you may be able to get a reduced charge. Talk to a DUI lawyer about your options.

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