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Thread: How can I get the DUI not to show up on my driving record?

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    How can I get the DUI not to show up on my driving record?

    What can I do to get this not to show up on my record? I live out of state and I have never had a ticket nor dui before.

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    Most states have an agreement to share DUI arrests and convictions with a driver's home state if they are arrested in a different state from where they live. The question is whether or not your state has instituted this agreement. You can google your state's name and driving licensing compact for more information. General information is below:

    The Driver License Compact (DLC) agreement was created and accepted by participating states to maximize their law enforcements efforts. There are four major provisions of this agreement which your state s bound to uphold if you are arrested for a DWI:

    1. Drivers are required to surrender their out-of-state license when they apply for a new license in a new state.

    2. Drivers have a completed driver’s license record which is kept in their state of residence to determine their driving privileges in that state and their privileges to operate their motorized vehicle in another state.

    3. Participating states are required to report all traffic convictions, including license suspension/revocations of out-of-state drivers to their home state licensing agency.

    4. Violations and penalties for drivers who reside in participating states will result in penalties that equal those which would have been imposed if the penalties were committed in their home state.

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