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Thread: Do I need a DUI lawyer for court?

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    Do I need a DUI lawyer for court?

    do i need a lawyer for court.

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    The short answer is are not REQUIRED to have an attorney for court. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can ask the court to provide you with one (you must qualify financially). You can always represent yourself, but this is not recommended.

    If you can remotely afford to hire a DUI attorney, I would highly recommend you doing so. An experienced DUI attorney knows the court system and how it works; he will know the ins and outs of the process. Attorneys are aware of all the nuances in Hawaii law that you may not be aware of. They know the deadlines for paperwork and the requirements for license suspension hearings and criminal hearings.

    An attorney will look at the specifics surrounding your arrest and look for any weaknesses in the Prosecutor's case against you. Did the police follow all procedures properly concerning your traffic stop, field sobriety testing, chemical testing and questioning? He will know if you could qualify for a possible plea bargain that would give you probation or counseling instead of jail time. Can your charge be reduced? What are your chances of success should you go to trial?

    Most attorneys offer a free inital consultation. Take advantage of this and visit a few and let them look over your case and offer their educated advice.

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