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Thread: What will an attorney do for me in my DUI case?

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    What will an attorney do for me in my DUI case?

    can a layer make this nighmare go away. how much will this cost me ? no prior charges, no tickets nothing until now.what will happen when i obtain a laywer, will he go to court with me on dec 29,2011 @ 9:00

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    The cost for a DUI attorney does vary depending on what part of the country you live in. An average amount that people pay for a DUI attorney to handle their DUI case is around $2,500.

    If you retain a private DUI attorney, he will immediately review your case and look for any weaknesses. He may file pre-trial motions if any of your rights were violated. He will obtain the police report and any video of your arrest and make sure the police had a legal reason to stop you and probable cause to arrest you. Did the police follow all procedures required to administer a chemical test? Was your BAC under or right at .08%? Your attorney will also file the proper paperwork to fight your license suspension.

    On your scheduled court date, your lawyer will go to the hearing and enter a plea. In many cases, you do not have to be there. If you plead 'not guilty', your trial date will be set.

    The best thing to do is set up a free initial consultation with an attorney in your area who can look over your case and point you in the right direction. Good Luck

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