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Thread: My court-appointed attorney was not helpful. What do I do?

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    My court-appointed attorney was not helpful. What do I do?

    have a court appointed attorney right now went to court today she never spoke up for me all she told me is they want to give me 3 to 7 yrs i dont know what to do?

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    This is a difficult situation. You can ask the court to replace your court-appointed attorney, but you must prove that you have good cause. Some examples of good cause are:

    * She fails to file motions that would obviously help your case
    * She does not attempt to investigate your case
    * A significant breakdown in communication that can be blamed on the attorney (she refuses to take your calls, won't listen to your explanation of events involved in your case, refuses to explain important decisions)

    If you feel like one or more of these describe your situation, you must request a hearing and then explain to the judge where you feel your lawyer has fallen short. You should be advised that most of these hearings are unsuccessful.

    Your best option is to sit down with your attorney for a heart-to-heart. Express your concerns and give her a chance to explain herself and her strategic choices. She may be able to show you what she has been doing on your behalf and how it is the best option. However, if she refuses to talk, or you still have concerns...go to the next step and request that a new attorney be appointed, but be prepared to support your side when the judge asks you your reasoning.

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