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Thread: Arrested for DUI a second time- What are my options?

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    Arrested for DUI a second time- What are my options?

    I received a DUI the first of August. Have a clean record and had my license suspended for 30days no community service, no jail time. I had a second incident August 17th, blew only a .001 and never drank alchol, drank (sorry to say) but being honest black board cleaner. I am working very hard to stay clean, going to AA,etc..No one was hurt in either accident,please let me know if there is A CHANCE to get out of this second DUI, I can't afford another on my record. I've never been in trouble before and I feel my life is spiralling our of control.

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    Without more information it is hard to say for sure. If your blood alcohol concentration was as low as you stated it may be possible to get the charges reduced to reckless driving. It is time to talk to a DUI lawyer to discuss your options.

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