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Thread: Can my job suspend me for a DUI?

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    Can my job suspend me for a DUI?

    Suspended from job until final outcome, is this consistant with state law.

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    I do not know what field you are employed in or if you are in a union, but I will give a general answer anyway. Yes, your employer is within his rights to suspend you and possibly fire you for getting a DUI. During your suspension, it is a good idea to show your employer that you made a one-time mistake and you take it very seriously. Maybe enroll in alcohol education classes as a way to demonstrate your commitment.

    If you are in a union, you could contact them and see if there is an action you could take that could save your job. It would also be a good idea to consult with an attorney in your area. This article talks about what to look for when evaluating your case and attorneys.

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