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  1. Handicapped person arrested for DUI
  2. My BAC decreased on my second breath test
  3. How can I be charged with DUI when I did not take breath test, but police said I did?
  4. What should I do if I failed the breath test, but I don't think I was drunk?
  5. How do I handle my driving under the influence of drugs charge?
  6. Will I receive jail time for driving on a suspended license and DUI?
  7. What should I expect if I am arrested for a DUI?
  8. Does the court have 90 days to hold my trial?
  9. Does it matter if my DUI arrest was done by a city's municipal officer or a state officer?
  10. I violated my DUI Probation...how long are warrants valid?
  11. Will my 5 yr. old out of state DUI affect my new DUI?
  12. I was arrested at my house. How can I be charged with a DUI?
  13. How long can they keep pushing my DUI case back?
  14. What are the most important things to tell a jury after a DUI arrest?
  15. What should I do when I am served with an administrative supoena?
  16. What is probation before judgment?
  17. How does a DUI affect probation and relocation?
  18. How does a DUI blood test work?
  19. Received DUI but I was not under the influence.
  20. Do the police have a DUI case against me?
  21. I tried to take the breath test but the officer refused me
  22. The cop said I was swerving. Can I get a reckless driving charge instead of a DUI?
  23. How could I be charged for 2 DUIs for one incident?
  24. Can an officer make me sign a breathalyzer refusal form?
  25. I have a medical condition which made it difficult to take the breathalyzer.
  26. What are my pleading options for DUI?
  27. I was charged with DUI. Do I have to finish the DUI program?
  28. Can You help me if I am on SSI disability?
  29. I was falsely accused of DUI. How do I get out of it?
  30. What are some of the laws regarding drunk driving?
  31. Why is my DWI still on my Texas record from 25 Years ago?
  32. I missed my court date for my DUI charge
  33. I do not think the officer had probable cause to stop my car
  34. I was not read my rights after DUI stop
  35. Can I be charged with a DUI 8 months after my drunk driving arrest?
  36. First DUI arrest in Michigan. How do I keep my driver's license?
  37. What should I expect if I am arrested for drunk driving?
  38. How do I fight a DWI?
  39. What do I do after my DUI arrest?
  40. My breathalyzer was 1.2%. What does this mean?
  41. Can I get my CDL back after a second DUI conviction?
  42. How is the first DUI court date scheduled?
  43. I need a cheap lawyer who will take payments
  44. Stopped because my license plate light was out
  45. Second DUI...am I going back to Mexico?
  46. How will my DUI affect my job?
  47. How much will the DUI education course cost?
  48. Is my first DUI in Illinois a felony?
  49. Should the tube for the breath test be cleaned prior to my BAC test?
  50. How do I get into DWI classes?
  51. I need psychological help. What are my options?
  52. Received information about a hearing request. What is this?
  53. Police charged me with DUI for marijuana
  54. Passed breathalyzer. What other considerations are there after DUI arrest?
  55. What is the difference between a DUI and a DUAC?
  56. I lost my license in October. Why did I have to wait 2 months to get it back?
  57. Will I go to jail for second DUI?
  58. Why would the arresting officer take my driver's license?
  59. How will a DUI affect my child custody agreement?
  60. How long do I have to pay DUI fine?
  61. Can I be arrested on an Indian Reservation?
  62. First DUI...what if my date drugged me?
  63. Will the DUI charge stick if the officer did not write my BAC on the ticket?
  64. When I was arrested for DUI, the reason I was stopped (running red light) was not listed on the citation. Will it be added later?
  65. How will a DUI affect my military career?
  66. Arrested for DUI but I do not remember anything.
  67. Got another DUI while on probation for last DUI
  68. Can I get a DUI for Methadone?
  69. Did not take BAC test but still arrested for DUI
  70. How does an affidavit differ from a DUI citation?
  71. Can I be convicted of DUI when there was no witness?
  72. I only started drinking after my car broke down. Was arrested for DUI...what should I do?
  73. Can I sue Prosecutor if he lied in my DUI case?
  74. Old DUI warrant...should I turn myself in?
  75. Can my job suspend me for a DUI?
  76. How can I get child endangerment charges dropped?
  77. Second DUI in 3 months...what do I do now?
  78. Reactive Hypoglycemia and DUI
  79. Arrested for DUI- Taking Ambien
  80. DUI from 1984- What do I do?
  81. Would MS cause me to have a higher BAC?
  82. Failed to appear in Court, what are my options?
  83. Counties have conflicting information about DUI arrests
  84. Will my DUI keep me from getting a teaching job?
  85. My court-appointed attorney was not helpful. What do I do?
  86. Can the court suspend my license today for a 2004 DUI?
  87. DWI after devastating accident
  88. My lawyer cannot help me. What can I do?
  89. Used my sister's name. What will happen now?
  90. Police forced me to submit to blood test after I refused breath test because they had no cause. What should I do?
  91. In the military for 13 years and my 11 year old DWI case just came up?!
  92. Can I fight the suspension of my license if I did not appeal before the deadline?
  93. Why was I arrested if I can handle my alcohol?