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  1. What are the Fines for the first DUI?
  2. How does having a child in the car affect my DUI arrest?
  3. I was stopped but refused the breathalyzer, what is my next step?
  4. How much are DUI Fines?
  5. Can a first time DUI offender get the DUI expunged from their records?
  6. Can I get a conditional license after a DUI arrest?
  7. What are the fines for a first time DUI offense?
  8. Can an EMT repeat what you told him?
  9. How can I find a cheaper DUI school?
  10. What are the fines and penalites for a first-time underage DUI offence?
  11. What is the difference between OWI and DUI?
  12. How long does it take alcohol to digest and how does this affect my BAC?
  13. Am I eligible for a hardship license?
  14. Is there a mandatory jail time for a first time DUI?
  15. Can I beat a DUI if they did not perform a Breathalyzer test?
  16. This is my 3rd DUI, will I lose my license?
  17. How much jail time will I receive for a DUI arrest?
  18. How long is a DUI look-back period?
  19. Do I have to court to court for a DUI?
  20. Second DUI in 3 Years, am I headed to Jail?
  21. Can I get the DMV Ruling Reversed?
  22. Will I go to jail for may second DUI conviction?
  23. How can I be arrested for DUI if my BAC was no where near the illegal limit?
  24. Could an Ambien affect my breathalyzer test?
  25. When do I have to be read my Miranda Rights?
  26. Can I be charged with a DUI if I was not driving the car?
  27. Can I get a DUI expunged from my driving record?
  28. What happens after a DUI arrest?
  29. Refusing a breathalyzer...is this a good idea?
  30. How far do I have to drive the car to be arrested for a DUI?
  31. Refusing a breathalyzer...does this help my case?
  32. How high does my BAC have to be to be cosidered an "aggravated DUI"?
  33. What can legally happend with 3rd DUI?
  34. Can you appeal a first-time DUI conviction?
  35. Can a DUI arrest be fast tracked?
  36. How do I challenge an administrative license suspension?
  37. What should I expect after a DUI arrest?
  38. Passed the Field Sobriety Test, failed the breathalyzer, what next?
  39. What are the penalties for a 3rd DUI?
  40. Can I get my DUI dropped to a lesser charge?
  41. Can I appeal a DUI Conviction?
  42. DUI and Marijuana USe
  43. An I able to drive before my initial court date?
  44. Did the officer have the legal right to arrest me for DUI?
  45. What happens if you refuse a breathalyzer?
  46. Probation for first-time DUI arrest?
  47. Can You get a DUI in a Parking Lot?
  48. How can I found out my Blood alcohol level before I go to court?
  49. High BAC and not read my Miranda Rights
  50. Asleep behind the wheel...why did I get a DUI?
  51. Is it possible to have a DUI dropped?
  52. I blew a 0.10%, can I get my DUI charges dropped?
  53. Expunging a DUI
  54. Is it a DUI if you blow 0.058 on the breathalyzer?
  55. Can I get my CDL license back even though I have two DUIs?
  56. Should I contact people who witnessed my DUI arrest?
  57. Can I be arrested for a DUI even if I was just asking police for help with my flat tires?
  58. Implied consent
  59. How often are blood tests pleaded down or performed incorrectly?
  60. Passed BAC test but charged with DUI
  61. Do police have to explain what will happen when I am arrested for DWI?
  62. How do I apply for hardship license after first DUI conviction?
  63. What are the chances of getting my DUI charge dismissed?
  64. Can I get my license back after I refused blood test?
  65. Can I get my DUI reduced to reckless driving?
  66. My DUI happened over 13 years ago, can I get my license back?
  67. I was charged with breath test refusal but I have asthma. Can I get DWI thrown out?
  68. Is there any way to avoid jail time for my second DUI?
  69. How does a DUI affect immigration status in New York?
  70. Are the police required to Mirandize me when I am arrested for DUI?
  71. When should police read me my Miranda rights?
  72. I was not in my car when arrested for dui and first two breath tests failed
  73. My breath test result was way too high. What can I do?
  74. Charged with a DUI...Can I keep it off my record?
  75. My blood test showed no alcohol. Shouldn't my case be dismissed?
  76. A policeman helped me change my tire, then arrested me for DUI. Why did he wait so long to arrest me?
  77. Can I get my DUI charge dismissed?
  78. Can I be charged with a DUI when I wasn't driving?
  79. First DUI in Alaska, can I get the charge dropped to reckless driving?
  80. Can I 'beat' my DUI charge?
  81. What should I do if I got a DUI while on probation for my first DUI?
  82. Can I keep this DUI off my record?
  83. How much will a DUI attorney cost?
  84. Can I get my license back after being ticketed for driving on suspended license?
  85. Can I get my DWI charge reduced?
  86. Are invalid license plates a good enough reason for a legal traffic stop?
  87. Charged with DUI, but witness is missing...what are my options?
  88. Charged with a DUI, can I keep my license?
  89. Can I be charged with DUI when I was sitting in my car in parking lot?
  90. Can I get in trouble for being under the influence of marijuana?
  91. What happens to my case if I refuse to take the breathalyzer test?
  92. What are my rights if I have been arrested for DUI?
  93. Can I be arrested for DUI when I was only taking medication?
  94. What do you plead at a pretrial for a DUI?
  95. Can I drive until my DUI court date?
  96. I plead guilty to a DUI. Can I take my plea back?
  97. A lot of things were done wrong in my DUI stop. Can I beat the charges?
  98. I never drank, how can I be charged with a DUI?
  99. May I see my breathalyzer video from my DUI stop?
  100. Do I have the right to make a phone call or speak to an attorney?
  101. How can I get my BAC level from the police?
  102. Can I be convicted of a DWI on Field Sobriety Test results alone?
  103. How can I fight this DUI charge?
  104. Can I beat my DUI charge?
  105. How can I fight my DUI when I refused the breath test?
  106. Did my BAC rise as I waited to be tested?
  107. What is the notice of suspension I received?
  108. My BAC was double over the legal limit, can I get the charge thrown out?
  109. Will I be convicted of DUI if I refused the blood/breath test?
  110. Can I fight my DUI charge...I had reflux when I took the breath test.
  111. Can I be charged with a DUI refusal after I was severely injured in a car accident?
  112. Can I get a DUI if I was not in my car at the time of my arrest?
  113. How can I get a 'not guilty' verdict in my DUI trial?
  114. Can I be convicted of DUI when I wasn't driving?
  115. How do I get a court appointed attorney?
  116. How much trouble am I in for driving on a suspended license and getting a DUI?
  117. I refused the breath test, what are my options?
  118. How can I fight my DUI without spending too much money?
  119. Can police sit across from a bar and stop vehicles?
  120. How do I find out my DWI arrest date?
  121. What are the proper police procedures when a driver refuses a chemical test?
  122. Can I get an Occupational driver's license after a DUI homicide by vehicle conviction?
  123. Can I fight my DUI charge when I refused breathalyzer and blood test?
  124. Can the Prosecutor re-file my DUI charge after it was dismissed?
  125. What happens if I can't afford to pay my DUI fines?
  126. Can I be charged with a DWI if I only drove one block to my house?
  127. I passed the Field Sobriety Tests and blew a .08%...should i fight the DUI charge?
  128. First DUI in 1998. Second in 2011. Is this my first or second DUI?
  129. How can I be arrested for an OVI if my BAC was under the legal limit?
  130. What DUI penalties can I expect after a second DUI conviction?
  131. Can I get the DUI charge dropped if I refused the BAC test?
  132. Do I have to be read my miranda rights after a DUI arrest?
  133. First DUI, what do I do?
  134. Does the DUI ticket count as a driving permit until my administrative hearing?
  135. Can I get the DUI charges dropped if my BAC was below the legal limit?
  136. Can blood test be given if the driver is incoherent and does not consent?
  137. How do I know if I will be charged for a DUI at a later date?
  138. Why do I have to install an ignition interlock in my car?
  139. Can they legally charge me with a 3rd DUI?
  140. Is it better to try to expunge my DUI or seal my record?
  141. I was convicted of DUI, Can I appeal the DUI conviction?
  142. Can a felony DUI be reduced to a misdemeanor DUI?
  143. How do I fight my DUI?
  144. My BAC was only 7.4% can I be charged with a DUI?
  145. How do I get my license back after a DUI suspension?
  146. Driving while impaired penalties?
  147. Will my DUI be dropped?
  148. How can I be arrested for DWI if I was not driving?
  149. How do I know if I will serve time?
  150. Can I get deported for a DUI?
  151. I started the car. Can this be considered intent to drive?
  152. I was not driving but got a ticket for DUI
  153. BAC of 2.1% in a parked car. Can I win my DUI?
  154. My last DUI was 10 years ago..will this be my first or second DUI charge?
  155. Can I expunge a DUI felony conviction from my record?
  156. How can I be arrested in the backseat of the car for DUI?
  157. How do I defend myself at my first court appearance for a DUI?
  158. Does the judge decide whether or not a hardship license is given?
  159. What is the difference between DWI and DUI?
  160. Can I get a DUI if I was outside of my car, walking, when police arrived?
  161. Can I really be charged with a DUI if I was not driving?
  162. Can I get my DWI dropped?
  163. Can I have my ignition interlock device removed after 3 years?
  164. How can they charge you for DUI if you blow a 0.01% on the breathalyzer?
  165. I refused a drug screening. Can they take my license away?
  166. How long does the state have to arrest me for a DUI?
  167. I was not drunk. Why was I arrested for DUI?
  168. How much does a DUI cost and how long does it take?
  169. Can I be arrested for DUI if I blew 0.0%?
  170. What is considered legally drunk?
  171. What happens if I can't pay my DUI fine?
  172. Could medicine I had in my mouth affect my breathalyzer results?
  173. Since this is my first DUI, will my fine be less?
  174. Is there any way to stop this DUI conviction?
  175. How do I get my license back after out-of-state DUI?
  176. Can I appeal my DUI conviction?
  177. Can I be charged with DUI when I was sitting in my car at my apartment?
  178. Can I be charged with DUI when I was sitting in the passenger seat?
  179. Can police charge you with DUI after fact?
  180. Is there a chance my DUI could be dismissed?
  181. Can I get my DUI expunged?
  182. How do I apply for a hardship license?
  183. How does a DUI arrest out of state affect my driving record in my home state?
  184. What penalties could I get for a 4th DUI felony refusal?
  185. Will I still be able to drive to work and school?
  186. What conditions could affect my blood alcohol content test?
  187. What is the average fine payment and how long will I lose my license?
  188. My DUI lawyer did not represent me well. What are my rights?
  189. I blew a ,08%. Can I defend my DUI charge?
  190. why were my Miranda rights not read to me?
  191. How do I fight my DUI charge?
  192. How can I get a public DUI defender?
  193. How long will I have to use the Interlock device after my license revocation?
  194. How do I get a Summary Suspension?
  195. Do police have to tell you why you were stopped?
  196. Pulled over for weaving...Will I be charged with DUI?
  197. Arrested for DUI while parked in my driveway?
  198. Can a DUI lawyer get my DUI charges reduced?
  199. Is it possible to get DUI reduced to reckless driving?
  200. How can I be charged with DUI if I was not driving the car?
  201. How can I expunge a DUI from my record?
  202. What should I do before my court appearance?
  203. Do the police have to read me my rights before my breath test?
  204. What drunk driving penalties am I facing?
  205. Other factors which may affect your blood alcohol content levels
  206. Is the first DUI conviction a felony?
  207. What are my options after a DUI arrest?
  208. I fell asleep in my car. Can I be arrested for DUI?
  209. What do I have to do after DUI to get my license back?
  210. Can I get my DUI plea reversed after my conviction?
  211. How long will I lose my driver's license after drunk driving arrest?
  212. Six years from last DUI convictions. What does this mean for me?
  213. How can they charge me if I was not driving?
  214. Arrested for drunk driving while having sex
  215. Can eye witness testimony be considered probable cause for a DUI arrest?
  216. Steps after a Drunk Driving Arrest
  217. Does an officer have to read me my Miranda Rights after a DUI test refusal?
  218. Common Drunk Driving Questions
  219. If I plead guilty what is the worst that can happen?
  220. How can I fight DUI chemical test?
  221. What are my DUI penalties?
  222. Arrested in South Carolina for DUI but home state has also assessed DUI penalties
  223. I have 4 DWI convictions. How can I get my license?
  224. What penalties can I expect for my first DUI?
  225. Drunk Driving Penalties in California
  226. Failed my field sobriety test due to a broken ankle
  227. Not stopped for alcohol related offense. How did I get a DUI?
  228. What penalties do I face after a drunk driving arrest?
  229. Will I be able to save my CDL license?
  230. Is a blood alcohol limit of 0.07% above the legal limit?
  231. My 3rd DUI was 11 Years ago. Will the previous DUIs be held against me?
  232. Stopped for broken brake lights. How did I end up with a drunk driving charge?
  233. What steps do I take following a DUI arrest?
  234. Can I expunge my DUI record?
  235. What will happen when I go to court for the first time for DUI?
  236. Will a drunk driving charge affect my ability to get another job?
  237. Arrested for drunk driving but not driving the car
  238. Can I get my DUI expunged or pay a fine instead of going to jail?
  239. Do I need a DUI lawyer when I appear before the court?
  240. Can I get my DUI conviction overturned or appeal it?
  241. I refused to blow but they forced a blood test. Can they do this?
  242. I was on my property when I was arrested. Is this legal?
  243. How do I fight my DUI charge?
  244. Do I need a lawyer for the first court date for DUI?
  245. What happens after my DUI arrest?
  246. How do I keep my CDL?
  247. What happens after DUI arrest?
  248. Can I have my DUI reduced to a reckless driving charge?
  249. My BAC was 0.07%. Can I be arrested for drunk driving?
  250. How do I fight my DUI charge?